Maintenance Common Solutions

Please check out these maintenance tips and troubleshooting below. If these solutions do not assist you, please submit a Maintenance Request online. If this is an emergency problem that would result in damage to property or cause harm to you, please call 931-449-0349 (Office 931-542-1412).

Toilets – Not flushing/clogged

  •     Plunge the toilet before calling or submitting a work order.
  •     Use a plunger with a black head–not red.

Washers – Leaking

  •     Reduce load size. (No bulky items should be loaded in the washer, ie: pillows, blankets, comforters, TA-50 gear, etc.

No Water

  •     Make sure water is on!

Dryers – Not Drying

  •     Pull the dryer away from the wall & make sure dryer vent is not blocked.
  •     Check the lint trap. Always clean before using dryer.

Refrigerator – Not Cooling


Leaking Refrigerator

  •     Check ice maker line, turn off water behind the refrigerator. Call maintenance.

Dish Washers – No water to dishwasher

  •     Turn water on under sink.

Dish Washers – Leaking

  •     Check soap type. Never use liquid dish detergent, only automatic dishwasher detergent.

Heating/Cooling – No Heat/AC

  •     Check to make sure breaker switched on & thermostat is switched to “ON”.

Heat/AC too hot or cold

  •     Check thermostat and compare to actual reading.
  •     ex: Setting is 72, but reading is 70 – Normal.
  •     ex: Setting is 75, but reading 40 – Not normal (also depends on outside temp.)

Water Heater – Leaking

  •     CALL MAINTENANCE ASAP! Turn off water heater at the source until maintenance arrives. (Main water source is a red or blue handle near water heater)

No Hot Water

  •     Trip breaker to water heater & reset. Wait about 1 hour to see if hot water is working.

Water Leaks – Symptoms

  •     For lower units with water leaks coming thru the bathroom ceiling – CALL MAINTENANCE ASAP!
  •     For lower units with water leaks coming thru the kitchen ceiling CALL MAINTENANCE ASAP!
  •     For all other leaks CALL MAINTENANCE ASAP! For leaks under sinks, trap water with a bucket or pan until maintenance arrives.

Stoves – Not Working Symptoms

  •     If elements are not working but lights are, check to be sure stove is plugged in properly.

Lights – Light bulbs blowing out

  • Make sure new bulbs are used. Do not switch or replace bulbs with old (used) bulbs.
  • Hit “reset” button on GFI plug in kitchen, living room, or outside plug.

Smoke Alarms – Symptoms

  •     If beeping is constant, change battery or submit work order.
  •     If alarm goes off during the winter, this is usually caused by the heater burning dust off the element. Allow alarm to run & fan fumes away.
  •     DO NOT remove the battery or disarm the smoke alarm in any way!

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